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Art and Decoration

Old Masters for the Art and Decoration

A Gauguin in your drawing room ?

Who's never dreamed of having a painting by an Old Master at home ?

Only the happy few, however, can own an original Renoir or a Van Gogh.

Until now, the closest you could get to have your favourite painting was to buy a framed reproduction, a lithograph or a print, none of which could ever match the quality of the artist's brushwork.

Picturalissime can do it for you

Art and Decoration

  Picturalissime combines " Art and Decoration " , offering to art lovers, paintings of old masters by talented living artists.

  A Modigliani, a Turner, a Van Gogh or a Monet could be yours for blending colours and forms to your home or office.

 So why wait longer to have the "white lilies" in your bathroom or an Arcimboldo in your kitchen ?

  Just tell us what you want and Picturalissime will have your favourite painting done for you.

  The intention is not to imitate The Louvre but to use paintings as a way of decorating your home in a personal and humorous way.

  If you wish Picturalissime will also decorate your home, your boat or whatever you like the most.

 An attractive idea just for your decoration or your friends - or as a special gift on a special occasion - or just for your own pleasure.

 So just dream. Now your home or boat could be transformed by the infinite variation of colour of a Turner sunset or shimmering ocean.

 Whatever ideas you have, Picturalissime will mould and shape them for you, and at astonishingly reasonable price.

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