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© Picturalissime
1992 - 2005

Terms of sale

  - The orders are taken into account either in the reception of the complete payment.

    - Your work is delivered, fixed on a wooden traditional frame with keys of tension (small wedges used to tighten the canvas), (except for the pictures of big dimensions which will be sent rolled, but always accompanied of them unsettled frame).

  - The expedition is not included in the price.

  - The possible expenses and the tax to the customs clearance in the country of delivery are not included in the selling price.

  - The normal delay of expedition for pictures available on stock is one week.

  - The lead time for the orders is about three months.

  - In case of delay superior to a month in the realization of your picture, you will be entitled to demand the repayment of your payment by simple Email.

  - In case of defect in the quality of your copy, you will be entitled be paid off your purchase against the return of your picture (under fifteen after the reception of your copy transport of return at your expenses).