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1992 - 2005

Moillon, Louise (B. 1615/16, Paris, D. after 1674, Paris)

The great painter of still life of the seventeenth French century.

Louise Moillon with last her long career in Paris. Specializing specifically in paintings of still life with occasionally some personages.

She's was born from a strict family of Calvinist.

In 1640 Louise Moillon gets Married with Etienne Girardot de Chancourt, rich person, also Huguenot.

Its technique was extremely refined, and this with brought in the posterior centuries, the confusion of its work with Dutch, the Flemings and even the painters German.

Since four paintings in Grenoble allotted to Moillon, were reattribute with the Flemish artist Osias Beert, the art of Moillon was redefined.

Its best tables have calms combined with the acute powers of the observation, in particular of the texture of the exotic fruit, which were never exceeded.