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The media speak about our gallery, we thank them for it.

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Reproduction of Tableau
© Picturalissime
1992 - 2005

Recommended by the Television

 The paintings of Modigliani and Pascin of the Mythique Rotonde seen in the emission on Montparnasse in the madness come from our workshops.  france 3     

france 5   

France 5 Chose us to speak about the painting reproduction in a very important TV emission with the bests French presenters.

TV5 (french international TV)  filmed; our gallery for a column on the good addresses in Paris with an explanation on the art of the copy .tv 5   

france 3   FR3 fench national TV, realized a report on our gallery during an exhibition were we presented about fifty copies of various artists paintingss .

" Paris first made a report on our gallery of copy of art with the interview of one of our copyist. paris premiere     

  Reportage sur nos copies accrochees dans un tres beau lieu d'exposition. (comme au Musee !)

Recommended By the Press

" The catalog of the gallery picturalissim seems infinite "

le monde

"It is that of all the museums of the world!"

" There are linen copies, unique in Europe of part their quality "
" A real honouring has the artist that to reproduce the painting in such a beautiful way "
"oil painting canvas copy for the incomparable pleasure to appreciate the art at home "

" This gallery owner can admit to your inside the biggest olds masters"
In brief, a serious competition for our national museums 

l'evenement du jeudi 


Picturalissim    " The workshop of all the talents "

"  Propose to the amateurs of painting, true masterpieces,
executes by workshop of brilliants copyists. "

"A Parisian gallery proposes to the amateurs copies of, Modigliani , Monet, Van Gogh, and all that you could dream to see hanging on your walls, thanks to the talent of the copyists "
" Here is the name of this gallery : Picturalissim "

    reponse a tout

la liberte de l'est

 "who has never dreamed to possess one day Renoir, Gauguin or Léonard de Vinci ?,
  Smile! It's possible"
" Why to go "

" The gallery Picturalissime proposes, real oil on canvas were painted by hand 
By of real Artists of talent, in the style of the great masters "


l'est republicain

 "Gauguin here, Joconde there, they already have their place in your lounge"

" It is a question of reproducing works which are locked into museums "
 " Explain Philippe Martinet ".

 la vie française